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BEAST’s Dongwoon has recently revealed the story why he said that he looked like actor Won Bin and gave himself the nickname, “Kim Won Bin of Gangdong-gu (Gangdong District)”.

On the recent broadcast on MBC’s “Section TV”, they followed the members of boy group BEAST on the set of their music video filming. The members also sat down for an interview for the said entertainment news program.

In the interview, the reporter had mentioned that “Gangdong-gu’s Won Bin” was Dongwoon’s nickname in middle school.


Dongwoon then reveals where he got the nickname, “I said that during a variety program in another broadcast, however, at that time I was a bit hasty to be honest. The broadcast was not going very well in the direction that I have hoped for, so I worried about what I should do. After thinking about it a little, I just blurted it out, but the reactions were actually good and I ended up with that nickname.”

Dongwoon also reveals that although there were a lot of positive reactions, there were also negative reactions as well.

“The comments section on articles were filled with harsh comments like ‘I live in Gangdong-gu, but I have no idea who you are’,” Dongwoon reveals, making everyone burst into laughter.

Dongwoon Won Bin

Dongwoon then felt sorry and says, “I am sorry for making a rash decision and telling a lie,” making everyone laugh.

Watch BEAST’s interview below!


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