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Former U-KISS member Dongho opens about his former idol life and his new life as a dad and husband.

On the recent broadcast of Channel A’s “Man Who Feeds the Dog,” he introduces himself by saying, “What should I say? I am Dongho who has returned as a father after becoming an idol.”

With regards to how he feels about being a father at the age of 22, Dongho reveals, “It is because we loved each other so much. I think that it was great to have a child at an early age.”

He also talks about his former idol life by saying, “I actually saw a therapist for six years back when I was still a singer. There are times I could not go since I was really busy. I also used to take medication to be able to sleep.”

Dongho also adds, “When I was having a hard time, I met my wife and we got married. I am able to sleep very well now.”

The former U-KISS member married his non-celebrity wife in November of 2015. They welcomed a baby boy, which they named Asher, shortly after their marriage. Later, Dongho revealed that the reason as to why he lied about the premarital pregnancy of his wife was to avoid negative comments.

Following his marriage, he then signs with RaemongRaein for his return to the entertainment industry.

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