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Another revelation from Dispatch . A report which was seen by a first hand party whom they met and saw the situation. Its between  Lee Byung Hun and model Lee Ji Yeon who met at a restaurant last  July 1.

Last July 1 Lee Ji Yeon, Dahee, Lee Byung Hun, and other 3 friends  met at a restaurant. Seating at first was  Dahee in between Lee Ji Yeon and Lee Byung Hun, but they later moved from their seats upon the request of  Lee Byung Hun  to be seated on Lee Ji Yeon side.He then wanted to get  Lee Ji Yeon phone number  but she denied giving her number saying that she hadn’t paid the bills yet and its out of service. Hearing this, he wanted to exchange and get the SNS messenger IDs instead. Much to his eagerness to talk with her over the phone, he asked her that he will pay the phone bills so that they can talk and that he is very much willing to help her in her financial lack if she wanted to.

Nevertheless, Lee Ji Yeon stated that she just reasoned out that her phone is out of service because she doesn’t want to give him her phone number. She also said that her parents are the ones paying her phone bills.  

On the 3rd of July, Lee Byung Hun visited Lee Ji Yeon  at Lee Ji Yeon’s apartment.  Joining  them was Dahee for  half an hour. Lee Byung Hun gave Lee Ji Yeon a cell phone, wine and money worth 1,500,000 KRW (approximate $1,350 USD) to pay for cell phone bills, but the lady gave back  the cash to him  at once . Playing card games during his stay that night,  Lee Ji Yeon lost in the game, and he volunteered himself pretending to be the dark knight and asked kisses from the lady 3-4 times. Meanwhile, when  Lee Ji Yeon was at a convenience store, Dahee filmed Lee Byung Hun while  asking  Lee Ji Yeon some sexual questions while she  pretends to be texting.