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Director Han Sa Min from Dexter Lab Production who cancelled 2PM’s music video has been revealed to have directed BIGBANG’s “Sobermusic video.

BIGBANG has recently released their new title tracks “If You” and “Sober” for their [D] single album. However, the issue regarding 2PM’s comeback postponement has resurfaced after the netizens discovered that Han Sa Min has directed BIGBANG’s “Sober” MV.

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Previously, Han Sa Min has been reported to have been contacted by JYP Entertainment to direct the music video of 2PM’s comeback track. However, the director has decided to cancel the shoot prior to its schedule and revealed, “Due to a personal connection with another artist who would be making a release at the same, I could not shoot their music video.”

The netizens have linked BIGBANG to be the artist which the director was talking about as seen in their official website and Vimeo page.

BIGBANG’s “Sober” music video director

Since the postponement, the JYP Entertainment revealed that they would be making legal actions against Dexter Lab Production and would be collaborating with Naïve Creative Productions instead to shoot for 2PM’s music video.

2PM’s supposed comeback on June 1 was then pushed to the mid of June and their promotions has been shortened in order to avoid conflicts with their other scheduled activities.


Watch BIGBANG’s “Sober” music video below!

Watch 2PM’s “House” music video below!


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