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DIA leader Seunghee talks about her role models and aspirations on interview with International bnt.

On a recent photo shoot and interview with magazine International bnt, Seunghee talks about why she wanted to become an entertainer by saying, “To be honest, I have dreamed of becoming an announcer. So I studied hard. When I saw a lot of celebrities debuting from Gwangju such as Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Hye, I have dreamed of becoming an actress.”

With regards to DIA being T-ARA’s sister group, she comments, “I did feel burdened with regards to the high expectations from the company. Since we have yet to gain as much popularity as T-ARA, we feel that the title is excessive.”

Seunghee was then asked about her edge from the others, she says, “I am a celebrity who really studies a lot. Though it has only been four years since my debut, I am not satisfied as a rookie and I am working hard to learn more.”

She also talks about her appearance in the drama “Producer” as a member of Pinky4 by saying, “The reason that I stuck the audition was during the improve acting. I cried a lot and the director told me, ‘It seems that you are saying what you really want to say.’”

With regards to being the leader of DIA, she comments, “For the other members to not be shaken, I believe that it is my responsibility to hold onto them.”

When asked of her role models in acting, Seunghee chose actress Ha Ji Won and actors Ryu Joon Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi even before their “Reply 1988” fame.