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DIA has been revealed to have pulled out from the line-up of the 2016 Dream Concert while member Chaeyeon would be performing with the project group I.O.I.

Previously, it has been planned that Chaeyeon would participate in both DIA and I.O.I. However, her management agency MBK Entertainment has recently revealed that they pulled out DIA from the concert for Chaeyeon’s sake.

The representatives of SBS and the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association has also confirmed that the group would not be attending the concert.

The agency reveals to media outlet OSEN, “We have decided that DIA will not be participating in the Dream Concert. Participating in both groups would be difficult for Chaeyeon. We talked to her and the DIA members regarding this matter and came to this decision.”

Meanwhile, the 2016 Dream Concert will mark IOI’s last promotion as a whole group before they promote with their sub-units. MBK Entertainment came to the decision to have Chayeon focus on IOI performance rather than participating in both groups as it would be difficult for her.

With regards to the group’s comeback in June, MBK Entertainment reveals, “DIA will make their comeback in June. Of course, Chayeon will be participating with the group.”

Recently, Chaeyeon has announced to her fans that she have rejoined DIA while being a member of I.O.I. Her decision led fans to wonder how she would be able to manage being active in two different groups at the same time.

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