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It seems that Lee Joon’s new agency  PrainTPC is on guard for their new member  to be involved  in a dating scandal like this.

From multiple reports that came out on January 7 and 8 in South Korea regarding the  possibility of dating and a 2-year relationship between Lee Joon and a former classmate since the end of 2013, SportsdongA also cited this report.

Close friend of Lee Joon stated, “Lee Joon is dating his girlfriend well but cautiously out of concern that his girlfriend’s detailed identity might be divulged.”

Lee Joon , being a gentleman , is trying to protect the private and personal life of his girlfriend  not to exposed her in public that she is not accustomed to. Her girlfriend happens to be an ordinary citizen., that’s why. During his promotions with MBLAQ, the members knew this girl but unfortunately they did not know what ‘s going on between them. But on some occasions, specially when meeting up with close friends, he is seen with this girl even in  public places.

Stay tuned for a response from Lee Joon’s side!

[Update] – PrainTPC has released an official statement regarding the reports. Read it in the latest article here

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From PrainTPC, Lee Joon’s new agency has an update on the recent dating rumors .

Rumors that  Lee Joon has been in a relationship with a former classmate for 2 years, but the actor denied the speculations. thru his agency.

The agency said,

“Hello, this is actor Lee Joon’s agency PrainTPC.

We are here to deliver our official statement regarding the content reported in the media this morning.

Because Lee Joon majored in dance at an arts high school, he has more friends of the opposite sex than the same sex. They are all just close friends, they do not have a romantic relationship.

Lee Joon himself does not think dating is something to be embarrassed about. If he meets someone in the future, we will deliver the news to you first, rather than through an outsider.

He is a young man who wants to focus more on his work right now than dating. Please give him your support for his acting activities in the future.