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SBS new drama “Ddanddara” to air special director’s cut of first two episodes in response to negative feedback from viewers.

The said drama which stars actor Ji Sung and Girl’s Day member Hyeri aired its 1st and 2nd episodes on April 20 and 21. Unfortunately, the drama recorded a low rating of 6.2% for its first episode.

Some netizens also pointed out that the drama had a common story line and awkward acting from several actors.

In response to the negative feedback from the viewers, the producers have decided to air different versions of the first two episodes. The deleted scenes from the original airing will be added, and the commercials will also be removed to make the story easier to approach.

The producers of the drama also commented, “We sincerely appreciate all the viewers who have given us attention and feedback following the airing of the new program ‘Ddanddara.’ To be able to provide a better service for the viewers, the re-airings will be made into a special director’s cut. We are going to work hard to be able to make ‘Ddanddara’ more favorable, so please give us your support.”

Meanwhile, the drama “Ddanddara” is Hyeri’s follow up drama following her fame in “Reply 1988” as well as Ji Sung’s follow up drama following the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” which earned him a Grand Prize from the MBC Drama Awards.

The special director’s cut of first 2 episodes will be aired on April 23 and 24.


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