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It has been revealed that members Gaeun and Jiyul would be withdrawing from Dal Shabet.

After four years since the girl group’s debut, members Gaeun and Jiyul have announced their official leave from Dal Shabet as well as their management agency Happy Face Entertainment.

Gaeun and Jiyul are one of the original members of the group since their debut in 2011 with the track, “Supa Dupa Diva.”

The news was revealed by Korean media outlet Sports Chosun. The report reveals that the departure of the two members is due to their contract expiration with their management agency.

It has also been revealed that Gaeun would be pursuing fashion while Jiyul would be focusing on her acting career.

Gaeun and Jiyul have also shared handwritten letters to their fans explaining their decision to leave the group.

Gaeun reveals, “I wanted to finish my final schedules on a pleasant note ahead of the withdrawal news, however I was unable to do so. I apologize for suddenly sharing the news.” She also explains that she has grown to have a passion for fashion and plans to pursue it.

Jiyul on the other hand has stated that ‘Dal Shabet’s Jiyul’ would be no more and that she would return as simply Jiyul. She also asks her fans for support as she would venture into acting.

Meanwhile, despite leaving the group from six members down to four, Dal Shabet is said to be preparing for their comeback early of next year and have no plans of adding new members to their lineup.

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