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D.Holic members talk about their line-up change and which variety shows that they want to join.

On July 6, D.Holic made their recent showcase for their new single, “Color Me Rad.” The members then talked about their line-up change. Hami says, “Currently, we have no leader. The leader gets so stressed, right? That is why we promised that we would all bear the responsibility.”

She also reveals, “There were two member changes. Rena and I were the original members who were left. I wavered sometimes and thought that I could not go with my first intentions. Rena and I would cry together and had many times of frustrations while practicing. To be honest, I even thought that we would not have an album. There were times that I felt my heart went cold whenever I went to the practice room. But, we were lucky to sign with EJ. We will fight on even more. I believe that better things would happen to balance out the difficult times.”

When asked about which variety shows they would want to join, Rena replies, “Our company’s policy says that we can’t date. This is why I would like to have a virtual relationship through ‘We Got Married.’ I also think that I would do well on ‘Star King.’”

She also picks Super Junior leader Leeteuk as his ideal partner for “We Got Married,” but says, “However, I know that he has already appeared on the show. I think that I am going to find another husband then.”

Hami then reveals, “It is not an easy task to go into the army in China, which is why I want to try going out on ‘Real Men.’”