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D.Holic members reveal their struggles from their trainee days on recent interview and photo shoot with International Bnt.

Japanese member Rena explains, “I spent eight years as a trainee under Avex and made six-hour roundtrips on the subway. In Korea, since I couldn’t speak Korean, I could not order food, so I only ate gimbap for three to four months.”

She also adds, “There are times when I got to perform in Japan. I thought that I would be able to have a meal with my family. However, they are so busy that even if my family comes to visit my in the waiting room, we would have to part after taking photos.”

Hwajung then reveals, “I spent six years as a trainee. I spent time studying in China. However, I really wanted to be a singer, so I came to Korea alone to audition. My parents were in China. I lived alone for four years, from my second year in middle school until my senior year in high school. I felt so lonely then.”

Chinese member Hami then shares, “The reason why I came to Korea was to go to college. I auditioned, and that was how I achieved my dreams of being a singer. If I had to identify the difficult part about living in Korea, it is the different systems in Korea and China. There is no ‘hoobae-sunbae’ system in China. However, in Korea, you have to set up utensils for your elders before you start to eat. I did not know about that so many people commented on my mistakes a lot.”

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