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Cube Entertainment responds to rumors of BEAST member Hyunseung leaving the group.

Previously, different media outlets have reported that Hyunseung would be leaving BEAST. The group was also rumored to have already fixed their choreography to match his absence from the group and that the members have already divided his parts.

Another rumor also states that he usually takes a different plane or car from the other members when they have overseas or local schedules.

Moreover, the BEAST member has recently received criticisms for his alleged attitude problem on broadcasts and performances of BEAST. While Hyunseung and his management label Cube Entertainment has already apologized about the issue, he has been continuously receiving criticisms for missing a few of BEAST’s scheduled events due to his personal reasons.

Most recently, he was reported to be absent from BEAST’s fan meeting in Taiwan and that only the five remaining members would be present. Affiliates of the fan meeting also revealed that they are trying their best to encourage him to attend the event.

With regards to Hyunseung’s departure rumors and reported absence from BEAST’s fan meeting in Taiwan, Cube Entertainment released an official statement saying, “This is not true. Hyunseung would not be leaving the group. The six of them, Hyunseung, Doojoon, Junhyun, Kikwang, Yoseob and Dongwoon would be promoting together in the future. Moreover, Hyunseung plans to participate in BEAST’s future schedules, as well as the fan meeting in Taiwan on April 4.”


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