Home » Court rules that Roy Kim’s “Spring Spring Spring” is not a plagiarized work


It has been revealed that the court has ruled that solo artist Roy Kim’s “Spring Spring Spring” is not a plagiarized work.

Although the song has received positive response, there were also plagiarism accusations, including composer Kim Hyung Yong who have filed a lawsuit against the solo artist back in 2014.

Kim Hyung Yong had claimed that Roy Kim has plagiarized his song “From the Landscape of the Lord”. The composer has previously told media outlet OSEN that, “When Roy Kim’s ‘Spring Spring Spring’ was released, I had suspicions thus I downloaded the sheet music. I was then able to confirm that the melody is identical to the song I made in July 2012 which I did not release. I have proved this to the court through files like the emails I have sent to the producer, and I entered the suit after legal examination. The copyright committee is reviewing the suit currently.”

Roy Kim, including his agency CJ E&M were flustered by the lawsuit and denied the plagiarism accusation, saying that the composer did not even register and released his music. They also revealed that they were taking legal measures through their lawyer and are looking forward for the court to bring a rational sentence.

Recently, the court has determined that though there were similarities in the songs, they were not identical and that other parts were different from each other.

Also, Kim Hyung Yong was not able to provide enough evidence regarding when exactly his song was was recorded and composed. And since the song was not publicly released, the court ruled that it would have been difficult for Roy Kim to come across it.


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