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Block B leader Zico has recently released a mix tape in which fans believe that some lyrics seem to target MONSTA X.

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On June 7, Zico posted his own mixtape, which was uploaded in Sound Cloud, on his own Twitter account with the caption, “My Team Remix — Zico”.

In the mixtape, the lyrics include “I have become a reference to rookie development groups. They say that they would make mixtapes and compose, afterwards they play media articles with me in it.”

“For them to be big, they use the hastag Zico like Coconut Water. Rappers who are being put together like looking at instruction books are overflowing, you know what I mean,” the lyrics continue.

Zico tweet

The netizens have wondered if the lyrics are about Minhyuk from MONSTA X. He recently made a comment regarding Zico to which he angered Block B fans.

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On May 24, one fan asked them how they feel whenever they hear that Jooheon looks like Zico, Minhyuk then responds, “To be honest, it is annoying. Jooheon, tell them.”

His comment made him gain lots of criticisms from Block B fans. He has then issued an apology through MONSTA X’s official Twitter account saying, “I have said some thoughtless words yesterday and I hace made Zico and BBC fans upset. I am very sorry, I’m not really used to the broadcast environment. It was not my intention. I made a mistake.”


“Zico, I am really sorry. I will apologize in person and will make sure that it won’t happen again,” Minhyuk continues.

Listen to Zico’s mixtape here!

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