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LUNA 2articleMBC’s variety show King of Mask Singerhad the fans guessing who the current champion is. Others pointed out that it may be f(x)’s Luna!

The singing survival contest King of Mask Singeris a competition with a twist. All the contestants are stars but they sing while using a mask and an alias. The audiences and the celebrity judge panel do not know who they are. They are being judged with their vocal talent only.

mask-singer-101Fans of the new show are guessing who could be the current female champion who uses the nickname “Gold Lacquer Used Two Buckets,she has also won the title for two times already.

On the recent episode, the masked singer gave a great performance as she sang the OST of “School 2013”, “Don’t Think You’re Alone” by Kim Bo Kyung. Other fans noticed that the champion could be Luna of f(x).

Fans noticed that the champion had pale pink polish which seemed to match f(x)’s Luna’s photo which she had posted in her Instagram account. The others disagree since she had black stars as a design in some of her fingers.


They also mentioned that Luna may be currently in Brazil as she has been posting of photos of herself on vacation in her Instagram account. Since the show is not live, the other fans also pointed out the Luna might have recorded the show before she went on the trip to Brazil.

Who do you think is the masked singer? Is it Luna?