Home » CNN talks about the popularity of Korean Wave with Interviews from YG and Rain


CNN was curious on what is it about the Korean Entertainment that made it so popular to the world now. Wherein they interviewed a Chinese national that is addicted to Korean Pop and Korean Dramas as well. CNN staff visited Seoul to check out what’s in a korean drama and Kpop.

They first visited the set of of SBS newest drama “My Lovely Girl” starring Rain anf f(x) Krystal in which the drama was sold already to China for thousands of dollars for every episode. They interviewed Rain and asks about what are the leading man’s qualities in every korean drama

They also went to the launching of the clothing brand of the entertainment in which Kpop famous “PSY” is in and they interviewwd the producer/CEO YG’s Yang Hyun Suk. They asked about how Kpop got popular. Watch the video below for more details: