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Girl group CLC talks about the positive side of adding two new members to their lineup.

On the recent broadcast of “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” CLC appears as a special guest.

CLC reveals, “Our average age has decreased. On stage, our performance feels fuller since we went up from five to seven members. It felt like we were exuding more energy.”

Seungyeon also talks about CLC’s vocal talent by saying, “During our trainee days, we performed on the streets every weekend for six months.”

Yeeun also reveals, “We have prepared a performance recently. But since we had a sudden comeback, it got canceled. We feel really sad about it.”

New member Elkie also talks about her nickname while another new member Eunbin talks about her experience from Mnet’s “Produce 101.”

Elkie shares, “It is such an honor to be nicknamed the Kim Yoo Jung of Hong Kong. I have been a fan of CLC since I was in Hong Kong.”

Eunbin also shares, “Since I got a few stage experiences through ‘Produce 101,’ I was able to adjust quickly to CLC’s performances. It was really a big help.”

Meanwhile, CLC has recently made their comeback with the mini album “NU.CLEAR” along with its lead track “No Oh! Oh” which is written by popular producer Shinsadong Tiger. Their comeback is their first release as a seven-member group.


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