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Actress and model Clara Lee has been revealed to be making her comeback through a Chinese drama.

Earlier, it has been reported that the actress has been receiving offers for a new project.

On November 18, Clara has been revealed to have landed the lead role for an upcoming Chinese drama with the tentative title, “Chocolate Full of Happiness” in which the actress would be playing the role of a charming heiress.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Clara would enter filming for the drama as early as next week.

The upcoming Chinese drama “Chocolate Full of Happiness” would be directed by Jung Ang Gook, whose previous projects include the Chinese dramas “Princess Frog” and “Flowers in the Frog.”

Following the news of her upcoming Chinese drama, Clara has posted a message to her fans on her Instagram account:

“Hello my lovely fans~
I hope everyone has been well. Thanks for your unwavering love and support. I’ve been able to successfully settle my case and spend some time with my family and loved ones. I could not have accomplished this without you, and for that, I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.
I am excited to continue to do what I love and i am looking forward to a new chapter in my career.
I wish you all the best! Love you all!”

Stay tuned for more updates on Clara’s new drama!


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