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Actress Clara Lee talks about public backlash and meeting Taiwanese star Kai Ko in interview with bnt International.

On Clara’s recent interview and photo shoot with bnt International magazine, the actress talks about her recent struggles during her hiatus and on meeting Kai Ko.

When asked about she dealt with all the anxiety and stress due to her hiatus and the public’s backlash, Clara responds, “I have learned that as a public person, I need to act with care and propriety. If I had only received love from the public, I would not have grown as a person. However, since I received public backlash, I have gotten a bit stronger and I was able to grow.”

Clara then talks about attending the Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week with Taiwanese celebrity Kai Ko by saying, “I was the MC for the ‘Asia Film Awards,’ that took place not long ago in Macau. I was able to meet Kai Ko there for the first time. I learned that he was coming to Korea for Seoul Fashion Week. We thought that it would be nice to go together, and so we did.”

The actress took a break from the industry due to her legal dispute with her previous management agency, Polaris Entertainment. She has recently made her comeback in South Korean television through an interview with the SBS TV program, “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

She is known for her roles on the dramas, “Emergency Couple,” “Goddess of Marriage,” “Tasty Life” and “Baby Faced Beauty.”

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