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In a recent report , actress Clara had paid off the cancellation fee in full to her former agency, Galaxia Communications.

In the last reports, the text messages between Clara and the Chairman of Polaris Entertainment  that she is likely to be  in a difficult position, claiming that her contract with Galaxia hadn’t ended yet and she had  to finish paying for the contract’s  cancellation fees.

It started when Clara signed with Martin Kyle despite the fact that she is still under a contract with Galaxia Communications. Last  June of 2013, Martin Kyle had given a contract in place with Galaxia Communications, compromising that they will pay 10,000,000 KRW ( ~$9,300 USD) for 40 months (~$372,000 in total) for Clara’s cancellation of contract  fee. However, Clara even cancelled her contract with Martin Kyle  eight months later and was left with 325,000,000 KRW (~ $301,000 USD) in remaining cancellation fees.

Being pressured by this, on how to pay back the cancellation fees and the lack of gigs being booked, Clara made up her decision to sign under Polaris Entertainment hoping that what she will be receiving  any help to pay back such cancellations fees. In her  Kakaotalk messages which was revealed  by Dispatch, Clara expressed her desperate need  about receiving a certification from Galaxia Communications, stating that she had breached the  contract. However, it appears that  she doesn’t have to worry anything about paying the fees any longer.

On January 27, an insider  from Clara’s former agency told Sports Today, “Clara paid off the cancellation fee in relation to the contract issues that she had with our company last December. The fact that our company keeps being mentioned even though this situation doesn’t have anything to do with us puts us in a difficult spot.

Moreover, reps of Clara also confirmed  that she had paid off the cancellation fees to Galaxia Communications and did not receive any help from Polaris Entertainment. Polaris Entertainment also stated, “We cannot confirm that Clara paid back the fees in full, but we [can confirm that] we did not pay on her behalf.”