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Actress Clara Lee and Polaris Entertainment revealed to have come to a settlement.

According to the representatives of both sides, the two have decided to settle their lawsuit in terminating Clara’s contract with the management company. As a result, the hearing which was scheduled for September 21 was also cancelled.

An associate of Clara has told media outlet DongA, “Clara and Polaris Entertainment’s legal case has reached an agreement. The two parties have decided to go on their own separate ways.”

They also add, “Clara has not yet decided on what she would do next. She would probably take a break when the case would come to an end. It is not the time for her to look for another company just yet.”

Clara has been known for her supporting roles on the dramas “Emergency Couple,” “Goddess of Marriage” and in the film “Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies” as the lead character.

Previously, Clara and her former management agency Polaris Entertainment were involved in a lawsuit for the past 10 months. Clara had demanded a contract termination of her contract with Polaris Entertainment as she feels that she was being sexual harassed by the company’s CEO, while the management company counters that Clara had blackmailed them in order to end their contract which is due to be expired on 2018. In July, the prosecutors have cleared Clara of the blackmail claims and indicted the company’s CEO for making threats against her which implied physical violence.

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