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The choreographer behind the world-wide hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ Lee Joo Seon will be debuting as a singer.

It has been revealed that Lee Joo Seon, the man behind the famous song ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy, will be making his official debut. The hit song has launched Psy to become an Internet sensation and a world-wide star.

Known for its unique dance moves, addictive lyrics and fun music video, ‘Gangnam Style’ currently has 2,341,077,215 views on Youtube.


The choreographer will be making his debut on May 27 as a singer with his single ‘DRUWA’ which is a stylized spelling of ‘deu ru wa’. The phrase is a Korean slang which is equivalent to ‘come at me’ in English.

The single ‘DRUWA’ is revealed to be an EDM track which is written by rapper G-MASTA and it will also be featuring the vocals of Joo Hee from the musical group 8Eight.

Fine Tree Communication reveals that, “The addictive lyrics and exciting beat will bring delight to the fans, the song will mark ‘Singer Lee Joo Seon’ from being ‘Choreographer Lee Joo Seon’.”

“You can also watch out for music and performances in store for the ‘DRUWA’ project,” Fine Tree Communication continues.


Choreographer Lee Joo Seon is not only known for choreographing the hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ but as well as many dance performances for artists like g.o.d, Goofy, Cha Tae Hyun and many more.

After the release of the single ‘DRUWA’ this May 27, Lee Joo Seon will then promote the song through the different music shows.