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Dynamic Duo’s Choiza reveals that current girlfriend Sulli wasn’t originally his type.

During an interview with Ilgan Sports, Choiza reveals, “We are having fun meeting up just like regular couples do.”

He also reveals, “My ideal type was not a pretty girl. I did not really like young people either. I had never had feelings for a woman who has both of those qualities. However, I match really well with Sulli. I think that it is called a ‘strong bond,’ we match each other well in that way. We are meeting ‘prettily’ and well.”

The interviewer then asks him, “Would it have been better if the relationship was not revealed to the public?”

Choiza then reveals, “I think that it is for the better. There is a time when you have to hide the relationship. Since Sulli has CFs and things like that. We were really careful, however it was so difficult for the both of us. It is comfortable now. We go around to eat delicious food and drink coffee. Of course, we could not be comfortable now either, however it is nice that we are able to date. At the very least, we don’t’ have to walk around while wearing masks. It is really difficult to walk around with a mask on. However, when I look back, those were good memories too.”

Sulli and Choiza

Choiza and Gaeko were then asked why Sulli likes Choiza.

Gaeko then answers, “I like to see them together even more since it seems like she does not have a specific reason.”

Choiza also answers, “I have never asked her that before. I think that she just likes me and I like being with her.”