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Chinese media outlet Sina criticizes Tao for failing to show up on scheduled interview.

Recently, former EXO member Tao has kicked off his solo activities in China and has been receiving calls for interviews from the local media outlets. However, it has been revealed that Tao has not shown up for an interview with Sina.

To this, Sina wrote about the issue on their blog site. They revealed that they were so excited to interview the idol, however, an hour has passed and he has not shown up yet. Tao’s representatives then sent a text message explaining that the idol’s hair and makeup was running late which is why he could not come for the interview.

The message also reads, “We are very busy, there are many media outlets who are requesting for exclusive interviews.”

The issue received more attention as a local celebrity figure Wang Sicong, who is also a son of a wealthy business man, voiced out his criticisms on the idol through his Weibo account after the hearing about the issue.

Tao’s manager speaks out and protects the idol by saying that the matter was not Tao’s fault, he reveals, “It was not Tao’s fault. Because of our mistake, Tao is being misunderstood.”

Meanwhile, in June, Tao had set up his own management agency in China and have recently released his first solo mini album. It has also been reported that his first mini album has sold 670,000 copies within the first week of release.


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