Home » Luhan and Kris’s performing together at ‘New Year’s Gala’ ?


On  New Year ‘s Gala (aka ‘Spring Festival Gala’), it was confirmed by a China’s broadcast station CCTV  the participation of both Luhan and Kris (Wu Yi Fan) ! The fans were speculating of the two performing together on the same stage .

It was hinted from Luhan of a possible collaboration with Kris when he answers reporters’ questions during his press conference for the Chinese movie ‘Miss Granny’ back in January. He says, “When the time comes, you’ll see, but you didn’t hear it from me.” There’s another speculation upon seeing  a set list going around that Luhan and Kris’s name are listed together.

CCTV also confirmed the participation of the two stars and also posted on Weibo account  on February 2, asking their fans as to what songs they would like to hear  as they will be performing remakes. However, there’s no confirmation yet if they’ll be performing on the same stage together or they will be doing separate performances into separate stages.

You too are excited to see the two previous EXO-M members reunite for a possible performance together., don’t you?