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EXO member Chanyeol speaks up on following the half-Filipino and half-Australian model Lily Maymac on Instagram.

Previously, Chanyeol and Lily Maymac have exchanged follows on their Instagram accounts which caused quite a stir among netizens.

Many have thought that Chanyeol and the model were dating. As a result, many fans have flocked to Lily Maymac’s Instagram and Twitter account and have left negative comments. Some fans have even started accusing her of being an attention seeker and undergoing plastic surgery. Others have also demanded that she should unfollow Chanyeol.

In regards to this issue and dating rumors, Chanyeol clears up any misunderstandings by posting his honest thoughts through his Instagram account.

On March 11, Chanyeol writes a message to the fans by saying:

“I want to avoid bringing these kind of things up, however, it has been on my mind and I do not want all of you to be worried…

I am not dating anyone as of the moment and I am busy going through a cycle of work, production, and rest… I promise not to worry or disappoint all of you anymore.

I do not know where all these weird rumors keep coming from, however, I never repetitively followed or unfollowed that person… I followed her without much thought, but it ended up affecting her negatively, so as of now, I have unfollowed her. You don’t have to worry… I do not even know the person at all… kekeke.”


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