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EXO member Chanyeol has recently revealed how he developed narcissism.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” Chanyeol shares, “During my school days, I was known as an idol trainee. During lunch time when the kids ran to get food, I would head over while being relaxed. I am normally talkative but, I would purposely talk less. When I am with my male friends, I will joke around. However, if I felt that someone is looking at me, I would try to stay still.”

He also adds, “I began to really love myself from that point on. I got the habit of trying to look cool and looking in the mirror a lot. I would tend to get uneasy and use a watch to fix my hair if there was no mirror available. I could not help but pay attention to how I looked.”

The EXO member then talks about his nickname ‘3 minute 1 second’ by saying, “When the music video for ‘Growl’ came out, I appear at the 3 minute 1 second mark. People said, ‘Wow, he is good looking.’ They would even ask, ‘Who’s that guy in the 3 minute 1 second mark?’”

When asked about how often he watches the music video for ‘Growl,’ Chanyeol answers, “I have watched it for over 400-500 times. I just keep on watching the part where I appear since that is the only scene when I appear.”

Meanwhile, Chanyeol is recently starring the Chinese film “So I Married and Anti-Fan.”

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