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Singer Chang Ki Ha reveals that he does not notice the age difference between him and girlfriend IU.

On the recent photo shoot and interview with Chang Ki Ha of the indie band Chang Ki Ha and the Faces with celebrity magazine High Cut, the singer poses for the camera and talks about his girlfriend, solo singer IU.

In particular, Chang Ki Ha talks about IU and clarifies the possible misunderstandings regarding their relationship.

Recently, many fans were shocked when IU and Jang Ki Ha have confirmed their relationship after it was being reported by media outlet Dispatch. Both musicians have reached out to their fans regarding the issue, IU in particular, have written a message for her fans through her fancafe (Unaena) website.

The couple have also gained more attention due to their 11-year age gap.

To this, Chang Ki Ha comments, “I notice how smoothly we communicate with each other, not the age difference. Instead of considering age difference as something that we should overcome, you can think of it as an opportunity to learn from each other.”

The singer further adds how they are sharing and accepting each other’s difference, “While talking with somebody who has lived through times that she has not, IU finds herself thinking about new and unexpected things. As for me, I sometimes look at her and see myself from ten years ago.”

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