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Actor Byun Yo Han recalls his first love in a recent interview.

On the actor’s interview with media outlet Herald POP, Byun Yo Han talked about his first love and his upcoming film, “Will You Be There?

He shared, “They say that you first love never works out.”

“I do not really recall much else since it was back when I was very young. However, I do remember standing outside her cram school after finishing my own so that I could take her home,” Byun Yo Han added. He also shared that he waited for her a few times when he was in his last year of middle school.

The actor also revealed, “Back then, it was really puppy love. It is already in the past. However, I did not know if I just liked her or if I really loved her. It was a time when I was still finding myself or a time that I really contemplated about my thoughts and emotions.”

Byun Yo Han was then asked if he still keeps in touch with his first love, to which, he answered, “If I was still in my 20s, I might have contacted her and asked her to catch up. However, I am in my 30s now, she could already be married.”

Meanwhile, Byun Yo Han’s upcoming film, “Will You Be There?” is set to premiere this month. It also stars Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Go Woon, and Kim Sang Ho.

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