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BTSRap Monster responds to the plagiarism issue on his lyrics.

Rap Monster writes:

“Hello. This is BTS’ Rap Monster. I am currently in Hong Kong for MAMA. Today is an important day for BTS, however, I am writing since I this is really important and I need to address this by myself.

This morning, an acquaintance told me about the issue regarding the source of my lyrics on SNS.

First, I sincerely apologize. Even though I just started creating, I am just another creator who experiences a lot of difficulties. I could not write music through mere internal simulation, so I take inspiration from talks with friends, books that I like, movies, interviews and letters from fans. I write feelings and lines that left an impression on me as notes on my phone. Most are forgotten or erased, however after hearing the criticism today, I realized that I was unconscious of the mistakes that I have made. Without knowing the source and not remembering clearly, I carelessly worked only thinking about having to write songs.

Everything is my fault. I think that anyone would naturally feel offended if he had written a specific expression first and then saw my lyrics. I would try to contact everyone and claim responsibility as much as I can.

Again, I am sorry to the people who pointed this out as well as to the individuals who were hurt. I am sorry and thankful for the fans who are always supportive, despite my shortcomings. I would become a person who thinks of a creator’s responsibility before thinking of a creator’s difficulties.

I would like to apologize to everyone I have caused trouble for.”

Rap Monster apology