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It has been revealed that BTS has cancelled their hi-touch event after the death threats on BTS member Namjoon also known as Rap Monster.

On July 16, BTS has cancelled their hi-touch and photo-op events in New York City for their “The Red Bullet US” nationwide tour after recent Twitter posts which has went viral. The said Twitter posts where death threats on Rap Monster.

The Tweet saying, “Just brought my gun, it’s about to go down RIP namjoon. #TRBinNYC” along with a photo of a toy gun has immediately gained the attention of BTS fans.

Another Twitter user has also posted a death threat to Rap Monster, “Namjoon oppa better watch out, I’m coming for him lol #TRBinNYC” along with a photo of herself holding a gun.


The Twitter user @blueblossom deactivated her account after the death threat while the user @glamgirl who posted another death threat has also deactivated her account after calling the BTS fans stupid for taking her death threat too seriously.


Afterwards, she then posted that her Twitter account was hacked and posted a photo of herself and revealed that she is actually a fan of BTS.

@glamgirl Lauryn

The fans on the event site have also captured photos and footage of the city police which arrived at the scene.

There has been no official statement that was made on the cancellation of the hi-touch event, however the BTS members did not forget to thank the fans who were present on their New York concert.


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