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Brown Eyed Girls reveal that they are not afraid of comments regarding their changing appearance.

The four-member girl group made a special appearance on the recent broadcast of “Hello Counselor” and talks about their appearances.

Lee Young Ji asks them if they had member changes in all the ten years that they have been active as a group.

The members made fun of themselves by saying, “Sometimes, the fans would think that we have changed members since we look so different now.”

Shin Dong Yup tried to cheer up the members by saying, “It is true that you look a bit different now, however you look very modern and beautiful.” But member Miryo quickly ended the heartwarming statement by revealing, “One of the related search words for my name is ‘Miryo leaves BEG’.”

Brown Eyed Girls hello counselor

When asked as to how they were able to be active as a group for ten years, Ga In then jokes, “The unnis (older sisters) are at an age where they should get married. However, they delayed their weddings.” To which Jung Chan Woo then noticed Ga In’s choice of words and asks, “If they have delayed their weddings, does that also mean that they already have someone that they want to get married to?”

The members then answered the question through a smile.

Meanwhile, the Brown Eyed Girls has recently made their comeback with “Brave New World” after JeA, Miryo and Narsha signed with Ga In’s current management agency Mystic Entertainment following their contract expiration with Nega Network.

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