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Brown Eyed Girl’s main rapper Miryo talks about the hip hop scene and the group’s plans.

Miryo has recently participated in a photo shoot and sat down for an interview with Bnt International.

In the interview, she was asked if she was willing to participate in Mnet’s survival rap programs “Show Me the Money” or “Unpretty Rapstar” as a producer. Miryo then responds, “In the first season of ‘Show Me the Money’, I was the third person who was eliminated. It was so embarrassing. If they would ask me to join the show again, I would have to think about it.”


She then adds, “However, it did help, after I was on ‘Show Me the Money’. I was active in the hip hop scene since 15 years ago, however, there were not so many female rappers back then. There was Yoon Mi Rae of course but other than her, I was the only one so I had it pretty easy. I was too satisfied with my skills that I did not practice much. However, looking at the new female rappers, some of which are 10 years younger than me, sometimes it made me think, ‘was I really any good?’ ”

She was also asked as to her current interests, to which Miryo responds, “Brown Eyed Girl’s new album”. Miryo also adds that it would be released on October or November and that recording would begin soon.


Meanwhile, Miryo, along with co-Brown Eyed Girls’ members JeA and Narsha have recently become free agents following contract expiration with Nega Network.