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Sungmin-Super-Junior-Sungmin_1411553904_af_orgEarlier today, reports have been surrounding about Super Junior‘s Sungmin and girlfriend Kim Sa Eun marriage on December. Reports said that the two are set to get married on December 13 at The Raum, a wedding hall located in Gangnam, Seoul. there relationship has been revealed just a month ago and sources that are close to Sungmin said that they have finally decided to settle down. The first to clarify the reports are Musical Actress Kim Sa Eun stating that the rumors are not true and they will not get married on December and she is focusing on her acting. But a few hours after, Super Junior‘s Sungmin breaks his silence and released a personal letter through Super Junior‘s official homepage confirming their marriage.

The letter that Sungmin wrote:

“Hello, this is Sungmin. How should I start… I’ve thought about what to say for my first sentence countless times. After writing and erasing over and over again, the thoughts and voices of all the people I’m thankful for are coming up. With a heavy and careful heart, I’m writing this letter.

Everyone, I’m getting married on December 13. It makes me sad thinking about all the fans that must have been alarmed at the news. I wanted to personally break the news, but while thinking about how I should tell my good friends and loving E.L.F, the news reports came out first, and I’m really sorry for that.

Before revealing this news, I thought about it a lot, not because I was scared of the decision I had made, but because I was worried for the people I’m thankful for being shocked and hurt at the news. I’m a little bit late, but with the love and trust you’ve given me, I’ve gained the courage to relate the news.

I’m so thankful for all of you that have stood by me, watching the nothing that I was grow and mature, and I wanted to tell you all that I love you.

To everyone who has helped me until now, and to my fellow members and company that trust and support my decision, I am sincerely thankful. Continuing my activities, I’ll do my best to return everyone’s love and support.” (Translated by soompi)


Who’s joining me in sobbing? Though it’s heartbreaking for all ELFs, we know in our hearts that we will still support all their decisions right? That’s when you know you are a true fan!