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G-Dragon in a hot issue again! But this time, it’s about his denied relationship over and over before but now they are once again spotted and they are not just together but they are acting like what normal couples do!


G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko was spotted hanging out in a lounge bar in Cheongdamdong, Seoul last September 16 that was also said that the party was held by them and their colleagues. But the two were captured by the Media Outlet Dispatch to have been very sweet and their gestures are as if they are a couple. They are seen very close to each other and having skinships like couples do. After that, they moved to a bar in Itaewon and spend the night until morning there. They were seen and captured taking photos this time with other YG Staff. With these gestures that was caught by the media, it made netizens question once again if they are really dating hence the repeated denial of their relationship.

With these news, G-Dragon‘s agency released a statement:

“We tend to respect the personal lives of our artists, we have nothing to say at the moment.”


Who’s crying now because it is somewhat confirm because of the pictures? Or are you happy that finally our oppa finally founds love and he is happy? Any thoughts? Share us!