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LuhanThe weekdays are ending and we have another hot issue from SM Entertainment.

EXO-M’s Luhan was reported to filing a lawsuit case against SM Entertainment. Another heartbreak for all EXO-Ls. But his departure is somewhat known by other fans due to his absence on EXO’s activities and issues about his health and nonstop rumors.

Earlier today, October 10, Luhan filed the lawsuit on Seoul Central District Court, Luhan filed for the nullification of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment at around 9 a.m. (KST). It wa said to be the same lawsuit that his ex co-member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) filed for earlier this year, and it was reported that they have the same lawyer who will hold this case.  The rumors as for the reason why Luhan decided to file the lawsuit is that Luhan gave SM Entertainment a deadline to sort out all that he requests about future plans and etc to avoid another lawsuit like Kris had but SM seemed that they failed on giving a result for the said date that Luhan asked. That’s why he have decided to file the case.


With this, SM Entertainment released their official statement :

“He [Luhan] had expressed that he wanted to focus on individual activities in China rather than moving as a group with EXO due to health issues, and we were in the middle of discussing his future activities, so this sudden lawsuit is puzzling.”

“However, seeing that, just as in the case with Kris, Luhan filed for a lawsuit with the same law firm in the same way without reason makes us think that after gaining popularity with the group, he is now prioritizing his own personal benefit with disregard for those affected by the termination of his contract. Moreover, it seems that there is a behind-the-scenes influence.”

“Regarding this situation, we plan to take thorough action with international partners and legal experts. And we would like to state that EXO activities will all proceed as planned.” (Translated by soompi)