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Boa Kwon was born on November 5, 1986. She is commonly known by most people on her stage name BoA, which is an acronym for “Beat of Angel”.  BoA is a solo Korean singer that is active in South Korea, Japan and as well in the United States; she had was also entitled as the “Queen of Korean Pop Music”. The singer is born and was raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; she was discovered by her current management company SM Entertainment talent agents when the latter had accompanied her older brother in a talent search contest. In the year 2000, after of her two years training, she had released ID: Peace B which becomes her debut Korean album under her management company. Two years after that, she had released her debut Japanese album entitled, Listen to my Heart under the Avex Entertainment. On the 14th of October, 2008, under the management of SM Entertainment USA, which is a subdivision of her company, she had debuted in the United States alongside with her single, “Eat You Up” and had then released her debut English language album named after her, BoA on March 17, 2009.

By the influenced of hip hop and R&B singers, such as Nelly and Janet Jackson, most of her song had followed the said genres. As it was revealed that she feels that she does not have any talent in writing songs, most of the writing and composition of her songs was done by her staffs that are why this is also the reason why she had gained more criticisms coming from people. However, the singer had begun writing her own songs for the release of her 6th Korean Album titled as Hurricane Venus.

Because of her multilingual skills such as she fluently speaks Japanese and conversational English alongside with her native Korean accent and had already recorded songs in Mandarin Chinese, all of these has been a great contribution for her success in South Korea and Japan, these also lead for her popularity to be widespread throughout the East Asian countries. It was then recorded that she is only the non-Japanese Asian who have three of her albums selling more than one million copies in the whole Japan and is only one of the two artists to have six consecutive number one spot of studio albums on the Orican charts since debut, as we all know Tohoshinki (TVXQ) is the other one of the two artists.

BoAjjang had released some more information about her Hollywood movie debut. It will be a dance film, directed by Duane Adler and will be produced by Robert Colt. The movies is titled as BOBU 3D and is set to be released on early 2012. BoA will play the role of Aya while Derel Hough will be the one to play the male lead which is Donny. The plot of the story will circulate when the two characters will fall in love with each other despite of their families being enemies on the dance scene.