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There are rumors spreading that one of the members of the hot boy group Block B will be releasing a solo music soon as stated during the 2014 MAMA as U Kwon or Taeli being the artist.

But there are denials of these rumors from the agency Seven Seasons, that discloses to the fact last Dec 5.”We first saw the story about U-Kwon and Taeil releasing a solo song in January, 2015 through articles, but that is false.  It is true that during Block B’s concert it was commented that the agency was planning to prepare a solo album for next year and that the song title would be ‘I’ll Just Hold Your Hand and Sleep,’ but that was just an idea; nothing, such as who, when, how, and what kind of song would be released, has been decided at all.  U-Kwon is appearing in musical ‘All Shook Up,’ so he is not in mind for a solo debut.

MBN Star was told also from a representative of Seven Seasons  ‘It is not true that U-Kwon and Taeil are releasing a solo album.  There are no plans, either.

In connection to the video clip “I”ll Just Hold Your Hand and Sleep” that was released last month on the 23 & 24 “”We are in the preparation phase still.  We have not decided on things for sure, such as the content and the timing.

Who do you think will be doing the solo for a special promotion?