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Black Nut receives criticisms after his performance during the diss battle between him and WINNER’s Song Mino on “Show Me the Money 4”.

Previously, the rapper has gained attention after rapper producers San E and Verbal Jint retracted their decision to eliminate Black Nut and chose to eliminate Hanhae instead.

To this, Zico and Paloalto’s team steps back when their diss battle opponent suddenly changed at the last minute.

Black Nut ends up facing a diss battle with Song Mino of Zico and Paloalto’s team.

However, the recent episode has become another hot topic. During the diss battle of Black Nut and Mino, Black Nut goes down to Mino’s knees and legs like a dog, making a play on the lyrics of Mino’s song “I’m Him.”


Also, when it was Mino’s turn to rap, Black Nut then brings out a bamboo pillow and laid down, causing the disapproval of the other rapper producers and contestants on the show.

The other contestants and rapper producers expressed the same sentiments that the viewers would not be able to pay attention to what the other rapper is saying when the other rapper does something to draw the people’s attention.

Before the announcement of the winner, Zico then expressed his disappointment saying, “It was supposed to be a rap battle but they prepared props. It felt like ‘Superstar K’ or something.”


What their diss battle below!



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