BIGBANG is a South Korean boy band which started up in 2005-2006. The band is made up of five members T.O.P., Taeyang, G-Dragon, Deasung and Seungri. The band signed with YG Entertainment and under this label released several singles and EPs. Their first EP, Always was released in 2007. This was soon followed by a number one single, Lies. It was the breakthrough success of this single that put them on the charts. Other successful albums of theirs were Hot Issue and Stand Up.

Before Big Bang was formed, some members in the group had already stepped into the entertainment arena. Among these were the band leader G-Dragon and lead vocalist Taeyang. Both of these members had been signed with YG Entertainment since they were twelve years old. Another member of the band, T.O.P., had been an underground rapper known as Tempo. The group first performed together at the YG Family Concert in 2006 at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park. This debut was soon followed by their single, Bigbang.

The band continued to meet with great success in 2007. In fact, the record company had to create more albums because there was such a high demand for them. There were also some reports late in 2007 that several members of the band were hospitalized from exhaustion. This halted some of their promotions but did not stop the band from traveling to Japan and making a big hit there as well. Their EP, For The World was their first Japanese release in early 2008. They continued to release successful albums in Korea and Japan throughout the rest of the year. Their single, Day By Day was number one for six consecutive weeks. Other successful songs were Heaven, Oh My Friend and Good Man.

In 2009 the group took a break to pursue solo activities though they came back together on some projects. In 2010 the group performed in their 2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. This was followed by a Japanese tour. For the rest of the year the band mainly pursued their solo activities again but came back together in 2011 for another Big Show Concert. Their latest EP, Tonight has met with success not only in Korea but it also is the first K-pop album to make the US iTunes top 10.