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Bebop member Ji In who serves as the vocalist and bassist decides to leave the group due to health reasons and to pursue a career on acting.

Ji In uploaded a post on the group’s official fan café revealing that she has been going to the hospital repeatedly due to her health conditions. She has also mentioned that she would be returning as an actress instead of being a singer.

She also posts a collage of her performances as a Bebop member on her Instagram account with the caption, “Thank you for showing love to BEBOP’s Ji In❤ . I am thankful to everyone who made precious memories with me and I would not forget you… I’ll come back even better from now on^^. Please keep a watch over me. 🙂 I love you .

Ji In was also one of the original members of Girl’s Day which debuted in 2010 with the song, “Tilt My Head” under Dream T Entertainment. However, she and fellow member Ji Sun left the group 2 months after their debut to pursue their own interests. Ji Sun studied music while Ji In wanted to pursue an acting career.

Later, in 2014, Ji In joined a debuting girl band Bebop under HMI Entertainment along with fellow members A Yeon on drums, and Ju Woo on guitar. They are known for their songs, “I’m the best,” “Ordinary Day” and “Oh My Boy.”

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