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BEAST member Hyunseung and his management agency Cube Entertainment apologizes for attitude controversy.

Recently, the idol member has been receiving criticisms from netizens following his alleged rude behavior. On some instances, Hyunseung was seen ignoring the lyrics or singing the wrong tone, dancing without any passion, missing a fan meeting with no explanation as well as sleeping during an interview.

Hyunseung 2

With regards to the criticisms, Hyunseung himself has stepped up and apologized to the fans through their fan café. Hyunseung writes, “Hello. This is Hyunseung. I apologize for causing a lot of concern from fans through the bad news recently. My inexcusable carelessness became a controversy, I am truly feeling regret and I am reflecting.”

He adds, “I gathered courage like this in order to relay my sincerity for the fans who love BEAST. Once again, I apologize for causing concern.”

Moreover, Cube Entertainment has addressed the issue by saying, “Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. We relay the official statement of the agency with regards to the controversy around our artist, BEAST’s Hyunseung. He has acknowledged the problem which has been posted online recently and the whole controversy regarding his behavior.”

They added, “Currently, he is taking time to self- reflect. We also feel strongly that the problem includes the carelessness of the agency. From here on, we plan to do our best so that this would not happen again. We bow our heads in apology for making the fans concerned. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, fellow BEAST member Junhyung has also recently apologized to fans after missing a fan meeting.

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