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Actor Bang Joong Hyun defends “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” co-star Kim Yoo Jung following recent behavior criticisms.

Previously, the actress received criticisms after allegedly showing rude behavior during the preview screening of her latest film, “Because I Love You.”

On December 28, the actor took to his Instagram account and posted, “Child actress? Young? These kinds of labels do not fit her. Kim Yoo Jung loves songs from Kim Hyun Sik and Jang Pil Soon. On the filming set, she has always been leaning on one leg since the other is not so comfortable. I do not think that there is any reason for her to reveal her physical discomforts to the public just because she is a public figure.”

“If the person watching her is uncomfortable, they would say Kim Yoo Jung is arrogant. If the person watching her is generous, they would say that Kim Yoo Jung is pitiable. Out of all the young actors I have seen, Kim Yoo Jung is the most respectful and honest that I have ever seen. Seeing her having such a difficult time is hard,” he added.

Bang Joong Hyun also commented, “Forgive her? What kind of sin did Kim Yoo Jung commit that she would have to beg forgiveness? It makes me mad that there is a minority trying to ruin her image just because of a single photo.”

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