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Solo artist Baek A Yeon reveals her dieting habits in a recent interview.

On the recent broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” Baek A Yeon appeared as a special guest.

When the topic about diets came up, Baek A Yeon shared, “I eat what I really want to have once a week. As for the other 6 days, I only tend to eat lunch, and I do not eat breakfast nor dinner. I could not wake up for breakfast anyway.”

She also added, “I kept on doing it since I could still survive. However, later on, it was hard.”

Kim Jung Min, who was also a guest on the said broadcast, commented, “You could not do it long. It is bad for your bones.”

“My weight has not yoyo-ed. I return to my weight after fasting for one day. I do not like to exercise either. When I do exercise, I could not do anything for the rest of the day,” she added.

When she was asked as to JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young’s reaction to her dieting methods, Baek A Yeon shared, “He said to stop losing weight. He said that it really is not good for my health.”

Meanwhile, Baek A Yeon is known for being one of the final three contestants for the singing competition, “K-Pop Star.” She is known for the songs, “Sad Song,” “A Good Boy,” “Shouldn’t Have,” “So-So” and “Just Because.”

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