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Female solo singer Baek A Yeon reveals the reason as to why her management agency, JYP Entertainment, allows her to date unlike their other artists.

On the recent broadcast of the FM radio show, “Bae Ki Sung’s Cheer Up 2 o’clock,” Baek A Yeon and label mate Bernard Park appeared as special guests.

DJ Bae Ki Sung praised Baek A Yeon’s recent hit song “So-So” and says, “It is really hard to believe that someone who is young as 24 wrote those mature lyrics. I also heard that you wrote the lyrics by yourself. Doesn’t your company prevent you from dating?”

Baek A Yeon then reveals, “My agency encourages me not to stay at home all the time, but to go outside, meet and date new people instead. They tell me that it is good for my songwriting if I get lots of experiences and feel different emotions. I would also want to date once I could find a good person.”

Hearing this, Bernard Park comments, “Our company actually has a 2-year dating ban.”

Baek A Yeon then responds, “Really? No one told me that.”

Meanwhile, She is known for being one of the final three contestants from the first season of “K-Pop Star.” Baek A Yeon is also known for her songs, “Sad Song,” “A Good Boy,” “Shouldn’t Have,” and “So-So.” As well as for the OSTs, “Introduction to Love,” “Tears Are Also Love,” “The Three Things I Have Left” and “So We Are.”


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