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Bada, a member of the first generation girl group S.E.S, revealed to be making her comeback after seven years.

Her management label, The Ocean Entertainment, reveals, “Bada has decided to drop her comeback on June 13 to give back to all of her fans who have been waiting all this time.”

Bada, who was recently revealed to be one of the contestants of MBC’s singing competition “King of Mask Singer,” revealed her thoughts at the number of viewers who were able to find out her identity. She says, “It was a little upsetting that I was found out so fast. However, I was very thankful that there are a lot of many people who still remember me.”

She also adds, “I put my heart and soul into preparing this new album. I plan to repay everyone who remembered me and were waiting for me on June 13. I hope that you would give it a lot of love and interest.”

Following the breakup of S.E.S in 2002, Bada made her solo debut with the album “A Day of Renew.” Her last album “See the Sea” was released in 2009. Aside from her singing career, Bada also pursued an acting career. She is known for her roles in the Korean productions of the musical plays, “Gone with the Wind,” “Carmen,” “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” “Tell Me on a Sunday,” and “Notre-Dame de Paris.”

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