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Rookie girl group April talks about the departure of leader Somin and the changes with their choreography.

On November 9, April’s management agency DSP Media revealed that Somin would be leaving the group. Somin then wrote a letter to her fans explaining the reason for her departure in the group.

In a recent interview, the remaining members of the group were asked how they are dealing with the situation. To this, the girls reveal, “For a long time, we knew that Somin was struggling with choosing her path. Still, we were a bit shocked since she decided to leave so suddenly.”

The girls continue, “However, we decided to respect her opinion. We would still be cheering each other on even in the future.”

Because of Somin’s departure, April had to adjust and change their six-member choreography for their debut track “Dream Candy” as well as for their new song “Muah!” into a five-member choreography.

With regards to the change in the choreography, the girls comment, “Since we had to do a six-member choreography as a five-member group, we felt even more responsibility on our shoulders. Which is why we have practiced even harder.”

Meanwhile, the rookie girl group is currently starring on their own reality show, “Here Goes April” and is currently promoting their new album “Boing Boing” on music shows.


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