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April leader Somin writes a personal letter explaining her decision to leave the girl group.

Recently, DSP Media has announced that Somin would be leaving April, but would still remain as a DSP Media artist.

somin letter

Somin writes:

Hello everyone, this is Somin.

I am writing this letter since I have finished my activities as a member of APRIL as of November 9, 2015 and wanted to say goodbye to all of our fans.

I only have happy and thankful moments whenever I look back at the times we spent. I apologize in writing this letter despite the thankful moments.

I have carefully thought for a long time and came to a conclusion that I want to study more into what I can do best as ‘Jeon Somin,’ I sincerely cherish my career as ‘Somin of APRIL.’

Thankfully, the APRIL members and the staffs from our company respected my opinion after a long consideration.

I would never forget the beautiful times that I spent with APRIL wherever I am and whatever I would become. Please support and love my dear APRIL sisters, I would also be cheering APRIL and our fans.

I would work hard to stand in front of you as well as a better artist Jeon Somin, so please cheer for me as well.

I am sorry to think that our fans must have been shocked to hear the news… However, promise me you won’t be too depressed! This would be step to meeting you all as a ‘better me.’

Words could not describe my feelings,

I love you.

What are your thoughts on Somin’s leave?