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Apink members open up about their new comeback and concepts.

On Apink’s recent showcase for their new album, “Pink Revolution,” the members talk about their comeback and their innocent concepts.

Hayoung says, “We could not see the fans for a long time. I hope that we could have more opportunities to see our fans. There are probably people who still do not know who we are.”

Eunji then adds, “I would like people to acknowledge us and say ‘Apink could do this kind of concept well. They have become a more mature group,’ whenever they talk about us.”

When asked about why they stuck with innocent concepts since their debut, Hayoung responds, “It isn’t that we refused to do sexy concepts, we just preferred songs which matched with our members better. And so, we ended up giving off innocent vibe often.”

She also adds, “Since the fans enjoy our innocent concepts and the members like that vibe as well, we project that and put in all of our efforts.”

Chorong then explains, “It is not that we decided on that concept when we made our debut, we just felt that the innocent concept was the most appropriate concept given our age.”

Meanwhile, Apink has recently made their comeback with the track, “Only One” which is written by Black Eyed Pilseung.

Check our Apink’s “Only One” music video below!


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