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AOA visual member Seolhyun has recently revealed her thoughts on being compared to Miss A member Suzy.

In the recent press conference for KBS2TV’s upcoming drama “Orange Marmalade,” in which AOA’s Seolhyun would be playing as the female lead, Seolhyun has been asked by the press and she responds about being compared to the ‘Nation’s First Love’ Suzy and her on-screen character for the drama.

With Seolhyun known to have the girl-next-door kind of image and is now having a blossoming career, she has been recently tagged as the ‘Nation’s New First Love’ and the ‘Next Suzy’. In response to being compared to Suzy, Seolhyun revealed her thoughts and said, “I am very thankful that people consider me as the next Suzy, however I would really appreciate it if people would see me as Seolhyun rather than tagging me with a nickname.”

Seolhyun PC

She has also talked about the differences of her attitude and her character’s attitude in the drama. Seolhyun commented, “In real life I am not really that quiet. I actually talk a lot and would not be afraid to approach the people around me. I am not really trying to act innocent, however I am also thankful to the people who see me that way.”

Meanwhile, the new drama “Orange Marmalade”, which is based on a web-toon with the same name, is set to air this 10:35pm at May 15 on KBS2TV.

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